Cave Baredine

The Baredine cave got its name from the expression for the nearby terrain (baredine), which probably comes from the word bared, used in the local dialect to denote untreated land.

The Baredine Cave is situtated in the western part of Istria between Višnjan and Poreč, only 5km away from the coast. The karst region, where it was created, is a sea sediment covered by red soil (terra rossa). From the vertical entrance into the cave situated at 117m above the sea level there is a beatiful sight over olive and grape vine plantations all the way to the sea.


The sightseeing lasts 40 minutes, visitors descend along a 300m long pathway up to 60m below the ground and an underground lake and visit 5 beatifully decorated chambers.

An interesting detail of this adventureous trip is also the encounter with the underground world of animals: visitors will see the cave olm (Proteus anguinus Laurenti), endemic in this dinaric karst region- an animal that can be found only in this karst area.

In one of the chambers you will pass along a 4m wide passage that leads 66m vertically down reaching the deepest point of the cave at 132m.

The cave is well-lit and ordered, the pathway and the stairs have firm rails. The temperature is very pleasant 14°C.

Guided tours start every 30 minutes with a guide (included in price) in the following languages: Croatian, Italian, German, English, Russian (with prior announcement Slovenian and French are available).

Jama Baredine

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